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Jordan Latimer Focused on Getting to Victory Lane at Sunset Speedway

COLDWATER, Ontario — After spending last season at the beach, Jordan Latimer will return to his home track, Sunset Speedway, for the 2019 race season. He will once again be competing in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Division I Limited Late Models.

“This year we’re going out to get wins,” he commented. “We’re not worried about points or anything like that to start off. This will be the last year with this car so we are going to do what we can to get a couple wins before we send it off to a new series.”

Latimer knows returning back to Sunset Speedway won’t be easy, with the level of competition the Innisfil, Ontario track is expecting this season.

“We all know the competition is going to be great like it always is,” he said. “We have a couple guys with new cars for this season and a lot of teams have really stepped up there game over the off season so it’s sounding like a good year ahead.”

Latimer is coming off a season where he took a different approach, switching over to Sauble Speedway a couple weeks into the 2018 campaign. He wouldn’t be able to reach victory lane, but was able to have some top-five runs throughout the year.

“Last year, we mostly ran Sauble and came so close a number of times to getting a win up at the beach,” he commented. “So we’re hoping to keep the ball rolling into more great runs like we were having.”

Latimer’s last full-time season at Sunset Speedway in 2017 saw him surprise some people, scoring nine top-five’s and 17 top-10 finishes, including his first career feature victory.

“2017 was the last time we ran the full Sunset Speedway schedule and at the end of the year I felt like our team was on fire,” he commented. “We showed up and placed in the top-three the last month of season and we didn’t really get the new updates we did sorted out in the short time we were at Sunset last year. So we are hoping to get stuff rolling quick in the start of the season.”

JL Motorsports’ marketing partners for the 2019 campaign will be announced at a later date.

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Jordan Latimer Eyes Success at Sunset Speedway

After a great campaign last year at Sunset Speedway that saw new record highs, Jordan Latimer will be at the Innisfil, Ontario facility in 2018, hopeful of achieving even bigger things.

“I have a pretty good mindset going into the season,” he said. “After coming off last year with the success we had, it really helps a lot with motivation and everything going into the season. But I got my head held high and expecting for my team to go out there and be a top contender week in and week out.

“I want to be able to run up front and fight for the win, and I feel we have a package that will be able to do that this year. We spent a lot of time this winter going over our setup that we put into last year, and we’re just putting the final touches on it to make it good.”

Last year, his team was able to score nine top-five and 17 top-10 finishes, including Latimer’s first career Late Model feature victory on September 2. He says the success they were able to have has certainly helped not only his confidence, but the team’s as well.

“Two years ago, we didn’t have a very good year,” he admitted. “We were out for a month or two just because we weren’t running good and got caught in accidents. But after last season getting the win and running up front every weekend, it proved to the whole team that we can go out and battle with the big dogs, and show them that we’re there. It really opened their eyes on how well we can run week-in-week-out.”

After completing last year ranked seventh in the standings, the thought of a championship at the end of 2018 sends chills down the young man’s spine.

“It would mean more than you could imagine; I don’t even know what my team would do if we went out there and brought home the championship,” he said. “As a kid growing up, I thought it was the coolest thing ever going to Barrie Speedway when the Late Models came out. I thought they were the best of the best, and now here I am older and racing in that class.

“It’d be a big deal for me, and it’d be a big deal for all of the crew members. Bringing Kevin (Reynolds) another championship – it’d be our perfect major event in getting under the JL Motorsports banner. I mean, we’ve gotten the win in thunder car, and a win in late model, but a championship is a whole new story.”

Although he’s confident in their own program, there have been changes made on the Late Model forefront surrounding the tires and engine package rules by the track. Latimer had a chance to test everything out this past week ahead of Saturday night’s season opener, and noticed how the 10-inch tires tightened the car up compared to the eight-inch tires.

“You are able to keep your speed through the corners, you roll through the center faster, but I think it will be good for this class,” he commented. “All the tracks are on the same tire pretty well, Peterborough and Sauble and Sunset – so it’ll be great for the Great Lakes Series and I feel the tire will make it more competitive because you can battle more with it.

“With this four-barrel for the crate motors, it will be more equal to the builts. So I think it will be a pretty good competitive year. I think you’ll see some good battles throughout the year.”

With how everything stands right now, he went on to add that he feels the division as a whole is in a good plate right now, despite some drivers choosing a new direction.

“That’s not a bad thing with people moving forward,” he said. “It’s a good competitive class and you still got a lot big names in it. I mean, you’ve got Dwayne Baker coming back I hear, and you’ve got Jason Parker there, Nick Goetz, Gord Shepherd – you have a lot of big names in the series. A lot of guys have been racing in the series for so long that I don’t think everybody is going to leave and the series is going to die; I think it’ll just evolve.”

JL Motorsports is proud to be supported by KICX 106, 104.1 The Dock, WIX Filters, Creechers Design, Kruger’s Electrical Service, and Kitchen Tire as sponsors for 2018.

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Jordan Latimer Ready for Third Season of Late Model Competition

While original plans for JL Motorsports appeared to be sending the team in a different direction, there’s been a change in heart. The team officially confirmed a couple weeks ago they will be returning to Sunset Speedway’s Sauble Falls Tent and Trailer Park Limited Late Model division for 2017.

“I’m pretty excited to be heading into this season with all the work we have done over the off season with Kevin Reynolds at RIM mechanical,” Latimer said. “This car will be a completely different beast. I’m happy we stayed in late model; I just felt like we were giving up if we moved to a different division and didn’t think I got to prove to everyone what we at JL Motorsports could do. I felt I didn’t prove it to my team or got them the finishes they deserved. I just wasn’t happy last year always fighting with the handling of the car.”

Latimer has experienced success to date in his racing career, winning Barrie Speedway’s Thunder Car Rookie of the Year Award and a couple features there, before winning Sunset Speedway’s Late Model Rookie of the Year Award in 2015.

After three top-fives in 2015, this past season didn’t go as planned with bad luck plaguing the team. However, they still managed to have a couple solid nights with three top-10 finishes, highlighted by a sixth-place finish on July 2. He capped off the year by running Ken Semkin’s Super Stock at Peterborough Speedway’s Autumn Colours Classic, qualifying sixth en route to a 13th place finish.

“I feel like we could go out and win this season and compete in the top five, better then like we did our rookie year,” Latimer continued. “We plan to take the car out for testing this coming weekend and see what we have for the season.”

As everything continues to come together, the team would like to welcome back KICX 106, The Dock 104.1, Tax Smart, Kitchen Tire, RIM Mechanical, Gambridge Go Karts, and Creechers Design as sponsors for the 2017 season.

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Jordan Latimer Qualifies Sixth for Autumn Colours Classic

jordanlatimerA pair of solid runs in his heats, and Jordan Latimer has himself a solid starting spot for the 24th Annual Autumn Colours Classic.

The Little Gambler put together a pair of top-fives in his heats on Friday and Saturday, finishing fifth and second in his pair of heats.

He also competed in the APC Youngguns Showcase on Friday night, where he started eighth and despite falling back in the running order at Lap 4, he was able to come home with a solid seventh place finish.

Being behind the wheel of the Ken Semkin’s No. 5 Thunder Car is something in which Latimer calls fun, thus far.

“Last time I was here at Peterborough, it was a few years ago in the thunder car,” he said. “I was thinking it’s great as first year we get to race the late model, but that kind of ended. It’ll still be fun. It doesn’t matter if I’m in a thunder or a late, I’m having fun.”

Now going into the race, he states while he’s there to win, he’d be happy with being able to complete all 50 laps.

“We didn’t have the best of luck the first year we came here,” he said. “I think Autumn Colours is about staying alive till the end so you can race for the win. It’s hard to not get caught up or wreck in something, but it’s going to be a fun weekend and hopefully we’re finishing up front.”

Being able to have a positive weekend thus far has been great, though, as Latimer experienced a tough season behind the wheel of his late model at Sunset Speedway. This past season in his sophomore season of competition, he put together some solid runs against the top drivers in the province, posting three top-10 finishes.

“It was a tough year with everything that happened,” Latimer said. “I mean, we didn’t race as much as we wanted to because of technical failures and stuff. We had a rough year – I mean, end of the year, we blew the rear end in the car. That’s why we’re racing the thunder car now because it’s hard to pay to go race every weekend but you’re getting caught in stuff or breaking stuff. It’s the year where your equipment gets to that age and starts to go, and that was the year we had. Everything started to expire and nothing wanted to be held together and all broke.”

Jordan Latimer and JL Motorsports thank Ken Semkin and his sponsors for the opportunity. The team is also appreciative of Coons Contracting for stepping up and sponsoring the car this weekend, as well.

JL Motorsports is proud to be supported by Kicx 106, 104.1 the Dock, Kitchen Tire, Creechers Design, A/C Electric, Gamebridge Go Karts, Thor Motors Orillia, Jack Latimer Sales Representative Re/Max Orillia, Krueger Electrical Services, T&C Construction and Welding, Hazlet Trucking Orillia, TSS Top Shops, Tax Smart, and North River Motorsports this year.

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Jordan Latimer’s Pre-Season Interview with Spencer Lewis

Ahead of the season opener at Sunset Speedway on April 30, Jordan Latimer spent some time speaking with Spencer Lewis about the upcoming season and more.

Latimer- ‘Respect is More important Than The Racing Itself’

At the Motorama Custom Car and Motorsports Show, Jordan Latimer was one of the six drivers featured on the Short Track Late Model Panel. OnPitRoad.com has released a feature article based solely on his comments, as well as a pair of articles surrounding the Pro Late Model/Limited Late Model debate. Links can be found below to the pieces.

IMG_9431The quintessential keys to racing include being a good driver, having a good handling racecar, and winning races. Though in the midst of all that, there’s something that can be lost – respect.

It’s a thought that hasn’t been lost on the mind of Jordan Latimer as he comes off of the heels of a successful rookie campaign at Sunset Speedway.

“Respect is more important than the racing itself,” he stated at the Motorama Custom Car and Motorsports Show.

While there have been teenagers that have entered the sport and tried to set the world on fire right from the start, Latimer has played the game more cautiously. Each of the late model races last season, he raced fairly and cleanly with the veterans, looking to gain their respect with each lap.

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