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Jordan Latimer Sees Velocity Weekend Cut Short by Mechanical Issues

INNISFIL, Ontario — After entering the Velocity 250 with confidence, things would not pan out as Jordan Latimer hoped.

He would start off the event strong, finishing fifth in his first heat. Though before the second qualifier, the team would run into mechanical issues that required their attention. They would work hard to try and have the car ready, just missing the green flag for the second qualifier.

The issues would remain, though, ultimately ending their weekend early without a chance to run Sunday’s feature.

Thanks to DDC contracting, Belmar roofing, RIM mechanical, Creecher’s Design, Kreuger Electric, and Store Front Awnings and Signs for all the support of the Latimer Brothers.

Special thanks to Craig Ellis for the opportunity.

Be sure to like the JL Motorsports facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/JLMotorsports/304091730527.

By: Ashley McCubbin / AM Marketing


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